Utilize the Waitingtimes.APP API to obtain wait times for attractions in amusement parks worldwide via JSON! Discover roller coasters from Germany to the USA and plan your visit efficiently. Be informed about current demand and wait time trends. Explore the world of amusement parks like never before with Waitingtimes.APP!

The API of Wartezeiten.APP offers a reliable solution for fast and uncomplicated access to the current waiting times in various theme parks. It not only makes planning a visit to the theme park much easier, but also ensures an optimal visit experience.

Access to the API is completely free of charge to provide as many users as possible with access to the important information. In exchange for using the API, all we ask is that you place a visible and clickable link to our website (https://www.waitingtimes.app) in a prominent location in your app or web service. This will increase the visibility and accessibility of our platform and allow more users to benefit from our service.

If you would like to support us, we would be happy about a donation via PayPal. Every donation helps us to maintain and continuously improve our service. This way, we can continue to provide you and the entire community with accurate information on current waiting times.

Extended API documentation

For an optimal user experience, we offer comprehensive API documentation. With this, you can you:

- View the entire API specification in one place.
- Test examples of API call in real time.
- Quickly switch between different endpoints and methods.

To use the API documentation, please visit https://api.waitingtimes.app/.