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Tuesday, 23. July 2024 at 04:11
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Croatian Summer Festival at Europa-Park with Prime Minister and Oscar Winner
Saturday, 20. July 2024, 09:10
Europa-Park hosted an impressive Croatian summer festival, featuring distinguished guests such as the Croatian Prime Minister and an Oscar winner. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the new roller coaster, “Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac.”
New Foundation MACK Research: Innovations for the Leisure Industry
Thursday, 18. July 2024, 14:51
The establishment of MACK Research marks a significant step for the future of the leisure industry. By collaborating with MACK One, MSC, HLRS, and HdM, innovative research and new technologies are set to be developed.
Possible Pre-Opening of the Haunted Castle at Europa-Park
Thursday, 18. July 2024, 07:57
Europa-Park is planning a possible pre-opening of its newly revamped Haunted Castle, also known as Castello dei Medici. Starting July 18, 2024, visitors might have the chance to experience the renovated attraction ahead of its official opening on July 25, 2024.
Europa-Park Ends Collaboration with Mosolf in Photovoltaic Project
Wednesday, 17. July 2024, 12:54
Europa-Park has decided to withdraw from the photovoltaic project with Mosolf due to new legal requirements and technical challenges that make the implementation impossible.
Reopening of the Modernized Ghost Castle at Europa-Park on July 25
Tuesday, 16. July 2024, 14:35
On July 25, 2024, Europa-Park will reopen the modernized Ghost Castle, one of its most popular attractions. The comprehensive renovation was undertaken for safety reasons and to preserve its historical charm.
Europa-Park Dinner Show 2024: A Culinary and Visual Extravaganza
Tuesday, 16. July 2024, 14:00
Europa-Park is set to present the 2024 Dinner Show “The world is not enough” from November 15, 2024, to February 16, 2025. Guests can look forward to a spectacular combination of world-class performances and an exquisite four-course meal crafted by Michelin-starred chef Peter Hagen-Wiest.
hansgrohe Kids' Festival at Europa-Park: Water Playground and Ice Sculptures
Tuesday, 16. July 2024, 11:04
On July 20, 2024, Europa-Park visitors can look forward to a special highlight: the hansgrohe Kids' Festival. The event marks the grand opening of the water playground “Lítill Island – hansgrohe Kids' Water World,” featuring numerous activities for the whole family.
New Intergalactic VR Experience at YULLBE in Europa-Park
Tuesday, 16. July 2024, 09:15
Europa-Park expands its VR offerings at YULLBE with the new experience “Dr. G. – Victory on Venus.” This immersive adventure, created in collaboration with Oscar-winning artist Richard Taylor, takes visitors into a fascinating retro science fiction world.
From the North Cape to Europa-Park: Jens Blatter's Charity Marathon
Monday, 15. July 2024, 10:18
On July 12, 2024, the Jens Blatter Charity Marathon reached Europa-Park, part of an impressive journey from the North Cape to SaasFee, Wallis. The marathon aims to raise funds for children and families in need.
Europa-Park Celebrates 50 Years with Ed & Edda's Film Debut
Saturday, 13. July 2024, 09:14
To celebrate Europa-Park's 50th anniversary in summer 2025, the first feature film starring mascots Ed & Edda will be released. The film, “GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE,” aims to make these characters internationally known and inspire a new family attraction.
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