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Saturday, 24. February 2024 at 14:44
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Friday, 23. February 2024, 12:59

Karo Kauer: From Social Media Star to Entrepreneur - A Lecture at TALENT ACADEMY in Europa-Park

The journey of Karo Kauer from a celebrated content creator to a successful entrepreneur is a source of inspiration. Known for her innovative work in social media, she has established herself as a versatile businesswoman with her own fashion label, consulting firm, and café. On March 9th, at 11 AM, she will share her experiences and insights in a motivating lecture at the Event and Workshop Studio of TALENT ACADEMY at Europa-Park. [weiterlesen]

Friday, 23. February 2024, 12:48

Miss Germany 2024 at Europa-Park: An Unforgettable Countdown to the Finale

Europa-Park is on the verge of hosting the spectacular 22nd Miss Germany Award Show on February 24, 2024. A night defined by creativity, commitment, and exceptional talents is set to unfold, gathering an elite assembly of jury members, finalists, and celebrity guests to crown the new Miss Germany. With tickets already sold out, the event promises to be an unparalleled spectacle. [weiterlesen]

Friday, 23. February 2024, 11:24

Volunteer Lecture Series at Europa-Park: Ute Janic Teaches Learning from Strong Women

On March 6th, Europa-Park invites you to a special event: Ute Janic, a recognized expert with extensive experience, shares her insights on the power and inspiration emanating from strong women as part of Marianne Mack's volunteer lecture series “New Perspectives.” Janic, an adept coach and editor with more than two decades of leadership experience at Hessischer Rundfunk, will illuminate how every woman can become the heroine of her own story. [weiterlesen]

Wednesday, 21. February 2024, 15:08

Europa-Park Hotel Resort: Among Germany's Top Innovators of 2024

In the dynamic world of tourism and hospitality, the Europa-Park Hotel Resort once again stands out for its exceptional innovations. The prestigious award from the business magazine “Capital” in cooperation with Statista highlights the resort's leading position among Germany's most innovative companies in 2024. [weiterlesen]

Tuesday, 20. February 2024, 11:38

The First Manned Voltron Nevera Ride at Europa-Park: A Historic Moment

A landmark moment in Europa-Park's history was reached yesterday: The Voltron Nevera roller coaster embarked on its first ride with passengers on board. This event sparked a wave of enthusiasm on social media, especially on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), where visitors shared their experiences and emotions. [weiterlesen]

Saturday, 17. February 2024, 16:18

Pawsitively Perfect: Over 200 Rescue Dogs Train in Europa-Park

On February 17, 2024, Europa-Park became the venue for an extraordinary event: More than 200 rescue dogs from the region utilized the European-themed areas for specialized training before the official start of the season. Among the participants were 15 renowned rescue dog squads, including the DRK county associations of Ortenau and Emmendingen, as well as the Johanniter from Baden-Karlsruhe. [weiterlesen]

Thursday, 15. February 2024, 11:34

Michael Mack Unveils New Drone Footage: Peek into the Revitalized Austrian themed Area of Europa-Park

In an exciting reveal for fans and visitors, Europa-Park has offered a first glimpse through Michael Mack at the extensively renewed Austrian themed area. Following a devastating fire, the park now showcases the Magic Gorge of Diamonds, a whimsical redesign that allows classic attractions to shine in new splendor. [weiterlesen]

Thursday, 15. February 2024, 08:51

5 Stunning Records Set by the “Voltron Nevera” Roller Coaster at Europa-Park

“Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac," is a multi-launch Coaster is not only an engineering masterpiece but also sets several records in the amusement park world. From the world's steepest launch to the longest roller coaster with inversions in Europe, “Voltron Nevera” offers an unparalleled riding experience. [weiterlesen]

Thursday, 08. February 2024, 14:54

Kaiserstuhl Chefs and Winemakers Donate 4,385 Euros to “Santa Isabel e.V.”

In a remarkable act of solidarity and community spirit, chefs and winemakers from the Kaiserstuhl region made a significant charitable donation during their annual sports week. The event “Kitchen vs. Cellar,” a soccer tournament organized by the “Culinary Kaiserstuhl” association, was seized as an opportunity to pursue not only sporting but also social objectives. [weiterlesen]

Thursday, 08. February 2024, 12:24

Over 550 Dream Jobs Filled in Just Three Days: Recruitment Days Open New Career Opportunities at Europa-Park

The recent recruitment days at Europa-Park have showcased how efficient and goal-oriented job fairs can be. From February 5th to 7th, the amusement park offered over 550 attendees the unique opportunity to find their dream job within just 30 minutes and to leave with a signed employment contract in hand. [weiterlesen]

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