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Saturday, 18. May 2024 at 09:23
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Season Start: PEPPA PIG Park Günzburg Delights with a Colorful Experience
Friday, 17. May 2024, 14:45
The PEPPA PIG Park Günzburg officially opens its doors on May 19, 2024, offering preschoolers and their families a unique experience. With colorful attractions, playgrounds, and shows, the world of Peppa Pig comes to life.
NINJAGO® Month at LEGOLAND® Germany: A Dream for Ninja Fans!
Thursday, 25. April 2024, 11:43
In May, LEGOLAND® Germany Resort transforms into an arena for ninja enthusiasts. Under the motto "Ninjas Unite," the park offers a variety of activities centered around the LEGO® NINJAGO® universe.
PEPPA PIG Park Günzburg to Open on May 19, 2024
Thursday, 18. April 2024, 12:39
In just one month, precisely by Pentecost, the new PEPPA PIG Park will open its gates in Günzburg, Bavaria. Located just steps away from LEGOLAND® Germany, the park offers families the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of PEPPA PIG.
LEGOLAND Germany 2024: New Adventures in LEGO MYTHICA & Forest Adventure Lodge
Friday, 15. March 2024, 11:19
LEGOLAND® Germany Resort in Günzburg kicks off the 2024 season on March 16th with exciting new additions. Following last year's opening of the LEGO® MYTHICA theme area, this year the resort introduced an expansion to its Holiday Village and the premiere of the first LEGO Friends 4D movie, “Alien Invasion.”
LEGOLAND® Germany Resort 2024: Family Fun with New Adventures and Shows
Wednesday, 28. February 2024, 11:16
On March 16, 2024, the gates of LEGOLAND® Germany Resort in Günzburg will swing open to welcome visitors into a world brimming with LEGO® adventures. With the opening of the LEGOLAND Forest Adventure Lodge™ and a plethora of new attractions and events, the 2024 season promises to be an unforgettable experience for families.
Voting Begins for LEGOLAND® Family Challenge 2024: Creative Models Seek Victory
Tuesday, 20. February 2024, 10:27
Following the introduction of the LEGO® MYTHICA theme area in 2023, the Forest Adventure Lodge became a new accommodation option. Simultaneously, the LEGOLAND Family Challenge, under the theme “Buzzing and Humming in LEGOLAND – Build Your Dream House in Nature,” reaches its climax: the voting phase for the most creative LEGO models has started.
LEGOLAND® Girl Brings Joy on International Childhood Cancer Day 2024 at Ulm Children's Hospital
Tuesday, 13. February 2024, 10:11
International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15th holds significant importance by drawing attention to the challenges faced by children with cancer and their families. This year, LEGOLAND Germany has heightened awareness for this vital day with a heartfelt commitment at the Ulm Children's Hospital, creating unforgettable moments.
World Premiere in Günzburg: The Unique LEGO® DUPLO® PEPPA PIG Playzone – A Paradise for Creative Kids
Wednesday, 31. January 2024, 10:59
A world premiere awaits visitors at the PEPPA PIG Park in Günzburg. The new LEGO DUPLO PEPPA PIG Playzone, an exclusive attraction, promises a unique platform for creativity and adventure starting from Pentecost 2024. It is the heart of the PEPPA PIG Park, blending playful learning with boundless fun.
Legoland Roller Coaster Accident: Employees Accept Fines – A Precedent for Park Safety
Monday, 15. January 2024, 09:39
A critical chapter in the history of Legoland Deutschland comes to a close as two technical employees of the park, responsible for the roller coaster accident in August 2022, have accepted the fines imposed on them. This move, ending months of legal uncertainty, marks a turning point in the discussion about safety standards in amusement parks and underscores the necessity of taking responsibility in such critical situations.
LEGOLAND® Germany Celebrates Record Year 2023: A Year Full of Magic and Adventure!
Friday, 29. December 2023, 09:35
The year 2023 marked a turning point in the history of LEGOLAND® Germany. With innovative theme areas, records, and an expanded winter program, the amusement park set new standards in the world of family entertainment. This article takes a look at the highlights of the past year and provides a glimpse into what visitors can expect in 2024.
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